Get a grip on those slippery fluorocarbon insulations by specifying SUPER-GRIP SE etched insulations from Super-Temp Wire & Cable. High temperature insulations such as PTFE, FEP and ETFE are extremely hard to attach to epoxies because these fluorocarbons have an inherently "low coefficient of friction." Super-Temp Wire & Cable offers SUPER-GRIP SE to improve surface pottability and increase the coefficient of friction of high temperature hook up wire.


Our SE product line is manufactured in a process that chemically alters the outermost surface of the insulation. On smaller sizes (i.e., 28-32 awg) that have a reduced surface area to grip the etch process, typical potting test results are 25% higher than those achieved with a topcoat process. When tested in accordance with the standard potting test, wires insulated with PTFE prior to etch show test results in the range of 20-30 psi. The same test performed on SUPER-GRIP SE products shows results that average 125 psi. The SUPER-GRIP SE product line is available in sizes 10-32 awg.

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